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How did we do? Let us know!

After the performer's performance, please take 5 minutes to answer these questions. If she needs improvement, this is how she gets better. If you liked the program, this is how she finds out. Thank you so much for your time!

  About Your Program      
Date of Show      
  Your Name Your e-mail  
  School/Library Name Program Booked  
  Audience Sizes How Many Shows  
  Grades Attending Show Location  
  During The Program      
  Great Average Poor
  Program started on time?
  Performer connected with the kids?
  Audience listened during the show?
  Audience enjoyed the program?
  Teachers listened during the show?
  Program matched the grade level?
  Performer helped at start and finish?
  After The Program      
  Teachers reinforced learning points? Yes No  
  Students recalled key educational parts? Yes No  
  Students commented about the show in positive way? Yes No  
  What else can you tell us?    
  May we use these comments as a reference? Yes No    
    When you are done, go ahead and -  


  Thank you for having MCP - we look forward to seeing you again!  

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