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Margaret Clauder Presents: Shows For Schools

Sometimes, It Is Easier To Get Kids Learning When They Are Laughing

Hear Ms. Hall, the Callison Elementary School librarian, who loved Reading & Rhyming with Mother Goose in March 2009!

Each scheduled day in the school calendar is important, and you won't waste any of them with an educational program from MCP Shows. Margaret’s programs have educational content woven into the fabric of each performance. All programs meet TEKS standards, and are approved by Learning Partners - Big Thought (Formerly Young Audiences of North Texas). Click on the link above. The window which opens will show the Big Thought Catalog (available for Dallas ISD schools). If you click on "search" on the top left hand side it will open a box of all Big Thought providers. Go down the list to "MCP Shows" and click on it. You will then see a list of all MCP programs approved by Big Thought. This is ONLY for Dallas area schools associated with Big Thought. Other MCP Shows are listed within this website.

Margaret offers a rich program, outstanding costumes, and variety arts skills such as ventriloquism, puppetry and storytelling to get children learning while they are laughing. Stories abound, and children and their teachers love Margaret's shows! Just look at how many school districts have hosted Margaret at their school!

Please note: All school programs are for indoors ONLY

Reading and Rhyming with the Original Mother Goose

Virtual Programs available — pre-recorded or Zoom Live YouTube Channel
Picture of Lambie, sitting next to Goosie, and both on the lap of Mother Goose who smiles photogenically.
Picture of Goosie - a Steve Axtell puppet - introduced by M. Goose, a children's entertainer promoting reading.

The kids will smile brightly and listen as Goosey teaches a Mother Goose rhyme to memorize. Even Lambie listens!


"Hi, everyone! Say hello to Goosey!"
The kids will enjoy meeting this character.

For many people, Mother Goose is an early exposure to literature, encouraging children to develop a love of books - especially nursery rhymes. In the modern age, Mother Goose visits schools and libraries all over the metroplex to inspire kids once again. She teaches the rhymes to the children and has them act out the various rhymes utilizing props. She has a hilarious show with lots of puppets and ventriloquism. Kids love the puppets Lambie, Mary, Goosie, Itsy Bitsy, and the other friends who arrive with Mother Goose. For Pre-K to 2nd grade.
You may click here for promotional photos for e-mail or print.

Learning Points

  1. Engage children in rhyming and rhyming games to deepen interest in language.
  2. Involve children in creating their own rhymes, and encourage this creativity.
  3. With rhyming, develop sensitivity to word patterns.
  4. Excite children to seek books of Mother Goose or other rhymes, and read them.

Ready to have Mother Goose at your school?
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or, click for your school Pricing Zone.
Read the 2017 Learning Partners Quality Survey for this show

Photo of Mother Goose, played by Margaret Clauder, a Dallas Ft. Worth Houston Austin and San Antonio performer.
Photo of Mother Goose with two characters from her show - Goosey and Lamby.

Be sure to bring your camera to the show, and get a photo like this from the day!


Goosey and Lamby are both talking, while Mother Goose listens. The audience will be just as attentive with these two!


Kathleen Jackson, librarian for Salizar Elementary
School in Dallas, ISD tells the world about Mother Goose!

Let Mariah Smith, librarian at the Forest Creek Elementary
school, Roundrock ISD talk a little about Mother Goose!

"It was a fabulous presentation. I will definitely be back in touch! Thank you"
— Stacy Joseph, Forney ISD
"It was an absolute pleasure having you at our school! The students and teachers are still talking about your visit! Attached is a copy of a card they made for you. I look forward to having you at our school again soon!" — Kristi Schleier, Post Elementary, Houston, TX

Weather Wonders with Meteorologist Maggie

Virtual Programs available — pre-recorded or Zoom Live
Meteorologist Maggie with Cloudia the cumulonimbus cloud

Water and the water cycle is what drives the weather on Earth. In this program children will not only learn in a fun and engaging way how the water cycle works, they will learn about all kinds of weather phenomena including rain, snow, hail, and tornadoes! Water is the only natural substance on earth that can take the form of a liquid, a solid, and a gas. This will all be demonstrated with the help of meteorological magic! Cloudia the cloud puppet will help the children learn about the cumulonimbus cloud with the help of Meteorologist Maggie’s excellent ventriloquism skills. They’ll also see a drawing of Frosty the Snowman come to life and review the states of matter with examples of precipitation.

Learning Points

  1. Children will learn the process of the water cycle.
  2. Terms such as evaporation, condensation, and transpiration will be defined.
  3. Various weather phenomena will be demonstrated including tornadoes.

Want to have Meteorologst Maggie at your school?
Click her online calendar to check availability. Date open?
click here for a school reservation form; or,
click for your Pricing Zone.
Read the 2018 Learning Partners Quality Survey for this show

Meteorologist Maggie demonstrates electricity following a circuit at Griffin Elementary

"Margaret, Thank you again for visiting our campus today. I've heard so much positive feedback from teachers and students alike. Students were engaged and learning. What more can we ask for? I look forward to scheduling you to come see us again next school year."
— Darla Cowan, Testing, Federal Programs, and Activities Coordinator, Harmony Science Academy-Fort Worth

"Just wanted to let you know every teacher who attended just loved the show. I myself couldn't stop talking about it. We will definitely be booking again!"
— I. Morales, Callejo Elementary

Reach for the Stars with Astronomer Annie

Virtual Programs available — pre-recorded or Zoom Live
Astronomer Annie

Astronomer Annie with the Moon and Mother Earth

Astronomer Annie

Astronomer Annie with the Sun

This astronomy program ties in closely with science TEKS for 2nd - 4th grade and highlights "women in science" from the 1700's. Students will learn the order of the planets, the phases of the moon, and all about the first paid female scientist, Caroline Hershel. The program features unique puppets such as the Sun, Mother Earth, the Moon, and Caroline Hershel. These puppets will help to teach children important science concepts such as such as revolve, orbit, and rotate. A true story, "Caroline's Comets" about the first PAID female astronomer in the world will be told using a beautiful, large puppet. Using her brilliant ventriloquism, Margaret (Astronomer Annie) will bring Caroline's true story to life so that children can appreciate her struggle as a woman in the late 1700's in England as she and her brother William mapped the stars using their own homemade telescopes. This program is not only a wonderful science program, but will also help to encourage girls to pursue science as a career choice!

Children will

  1. Learn the phases of the moon and the difference between waxing and waning. An original mnemonic will help children learn these.
  2. Learn the names and the order of the major planets. A mnemonic will be taught to help learn the order along with an original magic trick to reinforce the learning.
  3. Learn and understand concepts such as rotate, spin, revolve, and orbit.
Astronomer Annie at Rowlett Recreation Center, July 23, 2019

Children learning about the order of the planets in our solar system.

Rowlett Recreation Center, July 23, 2019

Children catching the "falling stars" at the end of the program

"Thank you so much for your wonderful show at the Rowlett Recreation Center on Tuesday, July 23 for the Summer Reading Club, A Universe of Stories! There were 35 kids and 20 adults at the program you did for Rowlett Public Library. I have attached a few photos."

Ready to have Astronomer Annie at your school?
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click here for a school Show Reservation form; or,
click for your school Pricing Zone.

Photo of the Bookworm character.
The Bookworm shows just how big you can grow if you read! This show is tied to books, and even has a book puppet. This is an excellent show for libraries or literacy grant programs.
(Click photo for larger image)

Let's Read with THE Bookworm

Virtual Programs available — pre-recorded or Zoom Live

THE Bookworm doesn't just read - she devours books, and grows to be a really big bookworm by reading! She tells wonderful stories, bringing characters to life for the audience with puppets, magic, or unusual props. Bookworm stories include: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, a Caldecott award winner, Kat Kong, a feline parody of the horror classic, and Mean Soup, a creative way for children to manage anger. THE Bookworm's book puppet (Webster the Dictionary) teaches children to take proper care of their books. In addition, she demonstrates a magic card trick that shows the most valuable card to have is not an Ace, but a library card! For K - 4th grade.
You may click here for promotional photos for e-mail or print.

Learning Points

  1. Children see a talking book puppet, Webster the Dictionary, who helps teach children the proper care of books.
  2. Children will hear 3 stories come to life as told by a masterful storyteller, and be encouraged to check out other titles by the same authors.
  3. Children will learn that all books are magical. To let the magic out, all you have to do is READ them.
  4. Children will learn books are free on loan from their public libraries (as well as their own school.)
  5. Children will learn about the summer reading club.

Ready to have THE Bookworm at your school?
Click her online calendar to check for availability. If the date is open;
click here for a school Show Reservation form; or,
click for your school Pricing Zone.
Read the 2018 Learning Partners Quality Survey for this show

"Thank you so much for your virtual programs they were great." — Walda Marsh

"Thank you so much for letting us participate in Target Tellebration this year. Our guest was Margaret Clauder, THE Bookworm. She was awesome. The 351 students that had the privilege of listening and seeing her presentation were fully engaged. They enjoyed her enthusiasm and energy. It was a positive, educational experience."
— Monica Dubiski, Library Media Specialist , LBJ Elementary

"We had the best time watching your Bookworm show yesterday. Everyone has been praising your show! We can’t wait to see you next year."
— Sheila Carter, Joshua School & Public Library

Click here for THE Bookworm press release you can use to announce the show!

Wild About Reading with Masai Maggie

Virtual Programs available — pre-recorded or Zoom Live
Photo of Masai Maggie & Sneezy.
Masai Maggie - back from Africa with a swarm of fun animals and stories to share!

As a Safari clad storyteller, Margaret brings crazy animal magic with Rocky the Baby Racoon (a critter who appears, disappears, and then reappears in the zaniest place imaginable!) There are stories, lots of audience engagement, and a grand finale as Margaret performs the children's classic Stand Back Said the Elephant I'm Going to Sneeze! How good is it? She has "brilliant puppetry and ventriloquism skills". When you see her perform, you will agree!

For Pre-K - 3rd grade.


Learning Points

  1. Excite children about a story by bringing actual text to life with several types of puppets.
  2. Illustrate with the performance that stories in books are engaging.
  3. Expose children to the art of puppetry and ventriloquism.
  4. Teach the children many interesting facts about a variety of animals from all around the world. Concepts of endangered species and conservation will be covered.

Ready for Masai Maggie to be at your school?
Click her online calendar to check availability. Date open?
Then click here for a school reservation form; or,
click for your school Pricing Zone.
Read the 2018 Learning Partners Quality Survey for this show

"Dear Margaret,
Thank you for being a part of Kids Fair Safari 2008! We had a great time and enjoyed your performances. We look forward to seeing you at future events!"

— Jennifer and Joan, Post Oak Mall College Station Texas

Just wanted to email you and say thank you once again for a truly wonderful performance today at Porter. We LOVED having you and always look forward to your visits each year. The teachers and students could not stop talking about you today; they enjoyed your presentation very much. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and again thank you!"

— Anne Goodner, Porter Elementary Library

You may click here for promotional photos for e-mail or print.

Picture of Masai Maggie holding the book Stand Back Said The Elephant I'm Going To Sneeze.   Photo of Margaret Clauder as Masai Maggie, posing with Sneezy The Elephant, a puppet in the show.
Masai Maggie loves to read, and here, she is holding and laughing at one of her favorite books! Get closer if you want to read the title on the cover! (Click photo for larger picture.)   Sneezy and Masai Maggie are always friends. Yes, Sneezy can be playful, but at heart, he's a sweet elephant.
(Click photo for a larger picture.)

Spring is in the Air with Mother Nature

Virtual Programs available — pre-recorded or Zoom Live
Photo of the Mother Nature Character. Photo of the Mother Nature Character.
Go closer to meet Audrey, a
totally harmless plant. Correct?
Or perhaps Audrey is named after a
pop-culture, not so harmless plant!

Mother Nature tells 2 stories using audience participation. One story, “A Tree for Me” by Nancy Van Lan, is a repetitive rhyming tale that the children really enjoy participating in. The second, “You Are What You Eat” is an original story by Margaret herself involving a caterpillar named Calvin that is envious of all the butterflies he meets. He wants to grow up to be just like then and is instructed that he must eat the appropriate yellow or red flowers to become either a yellow or red butterfly after he emerges from his chrysalis. Students will learn the difference between nocturnal and diurnal animals with the help of puppet friend Mama Raccoon. They will also learn about an unusual carnivorous plant, the Venus fly trap, through the help of Audrey (puppet) who is on the hunt for hamburgers or tacos. This program is excellent to welcome springtime and encourage learning about metamorphosis to the primary grades.

Learning Points

  1. Learn the definition of the word nocturnal and diurnal.
  2. Students hear 2 stories told by Mother Nature. A Tree for Me by Nancy Van Lan, and You Are What You Eat by Margaret Clauder. Both involve audience participation.
  3. A vegetarian eats only plants.
  4. A Venus fly trap is a meat eating plant.

Ages pre-K through 2nd.

Ready to have Mother Nature at your school?
Click her online calendar to check the date. If it is open;
click the booking form to schedule a show for your school; or
click for pricing on this program.
Read the 2018 Learning Partners Quality Survey for this show

Photo of the Mother Nature Character. Photo of the Mother Nature Character.
It appears that Mother Nature is
completely at ease with Audrey.
Think you would be so calm with a
giant Venus fly trap
in your arms?

I Detect A Tale with Imma Sleuth!

Virtual Programs available — pre-recorded or Zoom Live

Margaret, a.k.a. detective "Imma Sleuth", will take junior gumshoes on an adventure trying to find a story in the library that Margaret is supposed to tell to the kids. Books will be lined up on the table with various titles. Using their powers of deduction, clues, a fingerprint matching book, and a secret code, the junior detectives will figure out which story Imma will finally tell! 3 stories will be utilized in detective school. The first, Ruth the Sleuth, will be told at the beginning of the show. This is a story about a little girl, Ruth, who likes to play detective. She uses her detective skills to solve the case of the missing pizza. This is an original story written by Margaret's son, John, who hopes to publish this story!

The 2nd story used in detective training, Why A Disguise, is a comical classic which advises on why children would want to wear disguises. For example, if you are wearing a disguise, your parents won't recognize you and ask you to take out the trash,or wash the dishes, or play with your little sister! An audience volunteer will be dressed up in a funny outfit with a trench coat, glasses, hat, and beard as Imma tells this tale as part of detective school.

Finally, clues, a fingerprint matching book, and a secret code are used to eliminate the "suspect books." One-by-one the Jr. detectives will find their list of suspects has dwindled down to just 3 possible choices. By breaking a secret code the name of the culprit book is revealed: Dogzilla by Dav Pilkey. Imma will then tell this story to the children in the final bit of fun.

Ready to have Margaret at your school?
Click her online calendar to check availability. Date open?
click here for a school Show Reservation form;
click here to download the study guide; or,
click here for your school Pricing Zone.

Photograph of Imma Sleuth, a children's entertainer for the 2012 Texas library association reading theme.   Pic of Imma Sleuth, a 2012 Texas library association reading promotion entertainer with a trenchcoat and magnifying glass.
Just a plain old teapot; nothing to see here . . . or maybe, like evaluating a book, we need a closer look . . . (Click for bigger image!)   Elephants - like books - need a closer examination to show all that they have to share with us! (Click for bigger image!)

"Our kids loved the program! I've never seen our K - 5th graders sit sooooo quietly for such a long period of time. They were totally enthralled." — Director Kathy Kettle of Children's Safari in Mesquite, TX

Fiesta de Mexico with Señorita Margarita

Virtual Programs available — pre-recorded or Zoom Live
Thumbnail photograph of Margaret Clauder as Senorita Margarita holding the book Hooray a Pinata, and maracas.
Senorita Margarita with her marionette –
Mariachi Loco

Celebrate Latin culture with Señorita Margarita. Margaret's family influences include a husband and mother-in-law whose heritage is from Spain, cousins from Puerto Rico, and nieces from Mexico. While not a Latina herself, she has a unique appreciation of the culture and traditions through her own family, friends, and extensive travels. With expert storytelling she tells the Cuban folk tale "Martina the Beautiful Cockroach". She wears a colorful, traditional Jalisco dress. Her show features Maria Rosita the puppet who tries to learn "La Cucaracha" in a hilarious children's rendition of the song. Also featured is La Raspa (the Mexican Hat Dance) and Mariachi Loco, a trumpet playing marionette who will bring the house down when his pants fall off! This is an energetic celebration of Latin culture.

For pre-K - 3rd grade.

Learning Points

  1. Expose children to Latin culture through dance, storytelling, puppets, and marionettes.
  2. Children will hear words and phrases in Spanish and become familiar with their meanings. They will learn the children's version of a traditional Spanish song, and be taught the words in English and Spanish.
  3. Increase cultural tolerance by highlighting some of the many Hispanic elements in our society.
  4. Show piñatas and cascarones (confetti eggs) and explain their origins and traditions.

Ready to have Margaret at your school?
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click for your school Pricing Zone.

Photo thumbnail of Margaret Clauder dressed as Senorita Margerita, holding her sombrero high in the air.
Photographic of Senorita Margarita standing beside her sombraro holding out her Jalisco dress.
Señorita Margarita posing with her sombrero and dress. This is a traditional Mexican dress from the Jalisco region. (Click picture for larger image.)   While wearing a Mexican dress, Señorita Margarita does a hat dance, and shows other Hispanic culture. (Click photo for larger image.)

Janelle Sanders, former librarian for Roberts Elementary in the Dallas ISD, talks about THE Bookworm!

Julie Moore of the Arlington ISD, talks about THE Bookworm at Razzle Dazzle reading day with 1,000 in attendance!.

"As I was looking at your website and saw that you are THE Bookworm. I saw your performance when I was teaching at Kennedy Learning Center in Dallas. My students and I absolutely loved your show. It was a fantastic performance[!]" — Angie Davis

Story of Thanksgiving with Anthropologist Annie

Virtual Programs available — pre-recorded or Zoom Live

(Available the month of November ONLY)

Photo of Anthropologist Annie holding up 2 books

November only. The story of Thanksgiving beginning with the Pilgrims voyage to the New World. Children will see REAL native artifacts such as an arrow, drum, medicine rattle and more. After the program if time permits they will be allowed to quickly touch an artifact. Music, magic, and storytelling are used to highlight Native American culture. This show is a wonderful way to add some history behind the tradition of Thanksgiving, which began as much more than turkey!

For Pre-K - 3rd grade.

Learning Points

  1. Introduce children to Native American culture, and offer an alternative perspective on Thanksgiving.
  2. To teach children about Squanto, a Native American with a significant role in U.S. history.
  3. To increase cultural sensitivity by helping children become more familiar with a peoples who, at first, seem entirely different.

Want to have Anthropologist Annie for Thanksgiving?
Click her online calendar to check availability. Date open?
click here for a school Show Reservation form; or,
click for your school Pricing Zone.

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