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Margaret Clauder Presents - School Zone Pricing

It is simple to budget for Margaret's school shows. A full day is $895 (3-5 shows), and a half day is $495 (1-2 shows). For a half day, you can add an additional show for $195. To find your total cost, check to see which zone you are in, then look at show minimums plus travel. (Note - this pricing is only for public schools. Library and daycare pricing is available. )

Zone 1 No travel fee.
Zone 2 $100 travel. (Save travel - book 2+ days.)
Zone 3 $275 travel. (Save travel - book 3+ days.)
Zone 4 $375 travel. (Save travel - book 4+ days.)
Zone 5 $450 travel. (Save travel - book 5+ days.)

Evening show rate - single performance: Many schools want an evening performance for a special school function. The evening rate for one show is $295. Evening performances can be a different program than the school day. Zone 1 schools can book an evening show with no other performances. Zones 2 - 5 can add an evening program with the required full day shows.

Bonus - Save money!

Here are 2 different ways to save.

1. Split a full day with another school and only pay half of the full day rate.

2. In zones 2-5 - get another school near you to book a full day, and you can share travel expenses.

FOR EXAMPLE: If you are in Zone 1 and you split a day with XYZ school, your half day rate would be $447.50 instead of $495! You save $47.50! With this special offer, each school gets 2 shows, for a total of 4 shows in that district. If you want to book an additional show (and your schedule permits) with this special you pay just $195 to add that performance.

If you are in Zones 2 - 5, split a full day with another school and save! By organizing performances on additional days you can save on travel, too. Each school must be within the same zone and quadrant (or very close to the same zone and quadrant) to split a day. By getting other schools to book on separate days you can eliminate travel expenses, too! See the chart above.

Booking directions: Please find your city on the following zone map. These areas are identified below with numbered bands to help you budget accurately, and save money! Once you locate your city, click here to fill out an online request form. Or, you may call Margaret at (817) 980-1760.

Block booking bonus! Save an extra $95/day!
Margaret gives larger districts an incentive ORGANIZE and book in blocks to SAVE money! You already know how you can save travel and mileage charges by booking multiple days (see chart above) but, how about AN ADDED BONUS! By booking an MCP program for 5 + full days, each school can save an additional $75 per day. If you have Margaret for a full day, your rate would only be $800. If you are splitting a day with another school, your rate would only be $400! Just send an e-mail out on your listserv encouraging other schools to book together for the BLOCK BOOKING BONUS. Tell them the first 5 schools (or 10 schools if each one splits a day) will get the added discount. *If you have more than 5 days of bookings for your district we can also help you – but call us!

Organizer Bonus! The librarian who does the legwork and organizes a block booking will have her choice of a $100 gift certificate good at her choice of a teacher's store or a major bookstore in her area, or for each week booked she will receive $100 off her school's invoice.

Now Booking Through To 2019 - Call To Reserve Your Date!
Margaret will also book up to 2 years in advance! When you book a year or more in advance, you can lock in the price of your show for 2 years without a price increase. You can also be assured of getting a top level entertainer on time for the date you request!

Map courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.