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New for summer 2019!

New show—New character! Annie the Astronomer will teach children there is an entire universe full of books about outer space and the stars!

Children love outer space and summer 2019 will bring an an entirely NEW program with exiting new puppets including: Mother Earth, Mr. Moon, and the STAR of our show- the SUN!

Margaret's show will teach children concepts such as revolve, rotation, gravity, orbit, the tides, and more, all while using her hilarious comedy and storytelling skills as they learn about Caroline, the very first paid woman astronomer who discovered hundreds and hundreds of stars and comets in her lifetime. Magic will ensue as the children discover there is an entire universe of books available to them about outer space and the stars!

A performer with a Bubble Show or a Bug Show!

Bubbles Filled with Fun - Bernadette the Bubble Lady

Bernadette with a photo of a soap hairdo, a routine from her show. Bernadette blowing a big, long bubble from her bare hands.
A popular routine with the Bubble Lady is when she gives someone a giant bubble hairdo, and then styles it for them. Lots of fun & laughs! Yes, you have blown bubbles before. But were they this big? And did you do it with your bare hands? Bernadette does!

Bernadette brings wonderful programs your kids will find fascinating. Click to jump over to her Blow a Bigger Bubble program, or to get closer to her What's Bugging You show. Either program will have kids and staff squealing on the day she shows up!

Creepy Crawly and Right Up Close! Bernadette the Bug Lady

Bernadette the Bug Lady in a photograph with a big nightcrawler.
Photo of Bernadette the Bug Lady, a Dallas Fort Worth daycare performer, with a tarantula.
The Bug Lady brings some insects which
we might have already gotten to know.
And she brings some that we probably never
had in our hands
; at least not voluntarily!

Coming Summer 2013 - Dig Up A Good Book With Paleo Maggie!

Photograph of Margaret Clauder dressed as Paleo Maggie, with a read-a-saurus puppet. Photo of Margaret Clauder dressed as Paleo Maggie, holding her read-a-saurus puppet.
Margaret posing with a Read-O-Saurus, one of the puppets who will help her on a journey to dig up a good book! Apparently, the Read-A-Saurus is up to mischief, requiring a stern look. How well does it mind? What book do they find? You'll learn that in the show!

Paleo-Maggie engages the audience with her program, using storytelling, puppetry, and ventriloquism, along with fun co-stars as she leads childen on an imaginary journey through the library to dig up a good book! The audience meets Elmer (the boy who doesn't like to read), Webster (the talking dictionary who defines new words for us), and the Read-A-Saurus Rex (the only dinosaur who did not become extinct because he was so smart from reading!) These engaging characters will hold the attention of the audience as Paleo-Maggie encourages kids to explore and read books from unfamiliar parts of the library! With a firm focus on books (several are featured as part of her show) your audience will have lots of motivation to go all over the library on their quest to dig up a good book!

Learning Points
1. Encourage children to seek out non-fiction books on several science subjects, including archeology and paleontology. Paleo-Maggie leads the audience as they discover that these topics are relevant to Texas itself!
2. Define and differentiate the terms paleontology and archeology.
3. Show the importance of reading to any profession children wish to explore when they grow up.

Photo of Margaret Clauder, ventriloquist, with Elmer, a hand puppet.
Picture of Margaret Clauder, puppeteer, with Elmer, a hand puppet.
Paleo-Maggie with Elmer, a friendly little boy who will help her during the show. Sure he will help her! He may be slow to learn, but at least he's trying! Yes, Elmer is trying, but he makes up for it with moments that leave us laughing! Here Elmer has Paleo-Maggie laughing quite hard!

This show will be offered for the summer 2013 season. Book your date as quickly as you can to insure the time you want is open! Consider booking with neighboring libraries, too, for a per show discount!

Weeks of fun with Mother Goose at the Texas State Fair! (Sept. 24 - Oct. 17)

Photograph of Mother Goose with lots of children gathered around her at the State Fair of Texas.
Photograph of Mother Goose with children holding Mother Goose books at the Texas State Fair.
The stage is filled with some of the 200+ kids who came to the show on October 4. Stop and see the show when you are at the fair!   The children are showing their favorite book. (This photo is completely unstaged, and no child was bribed with candy . . . )

In 2010, Margaret performed the Mother Goose show in the Children's Activity Center. This was part of the Every Child Ready To Read program created by the Dallas Public Library. Margaret promoted literacy with fun rhyming lead by Mother Goose. An assortment of puppet characters add mirthful mischief to the show, which is built on Mother Goose rhymes. With support from Atmos Energy, and the Texas Commission of the Arts, children were introduced into the joy of language, and encouraged to create their own rhymes.

Mother Goose outside the Children's Activity Center tent at the 2010 Texas State Fair.   Mother Goose (a.k.a. Maggie Clauder) in the Children's Activity Center tent at the 2010 Texas State Fair in Dallas.
Mother Goose is welcoming the audience in for the next show! It's a hit with kids and fun for adults!   Poor Goosie has fainted. Will they be able to save the beloved puppet? Come to the show and find out!

Mother Goose outside the Children's Activity Center tent at the 2010 Texas State Fair.
Mother Goose with several children and different editions of her rhymes. Learning can be fun as the smiles on these children demonstrates!

Since 2007 Margaret has attended the Texas Library Association convention to meet with librarians from all over the state of Texas. Come by her booth in the storyteller section this year and see her. She may have a surprise for you for coming by!