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New for summer 2020!

Reading and Rhyming with Mother Goose

Imagine your audience transported into the fantasy realm of long ago where characters such as "Mary and her little lamb", "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Humpty Dumpty," and "Mother Goose" abound!

Reading and Rhyming with Mother Goose is an original theatrical performance by award winning performer, Margaret Clauder. She will bring fantasy and rhymes to life with her beautiful puppets and AMAZING ventriloquism. Children will wonder "how does that goose really talk?" Children's imaginations will spring to life as they recite and act out rhymes and play "the Mother Goose pretend game!"

Cameras will be clicking away as the audience members become queens, kings, little Miss Muffet and more as the children help Mother Goose bring storybook land from inside the pages of her books right into their imaginations!

Mother Goose