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Margaret is a Texas Commission on the Arts Performer!

Great news for your library or school! Here's how to save up to 50% on MCP programs!

Margaret has been selected to be a Texas Commission on the Arts Performing Artist. TCA may pay up to 50% of the regular fee on programs for libraries, schools, and other non-profit organizations.

How can you cash in on this?

1. Become a Presenter. This is the title the TCA uses for someone who is scheduling and presenting the show. How do you become a presenter? Call Anina Moore, the TCA Program Administrator at (512) 936-6573. She will walk you through the application process over the phone so that you can be set up to apply for grant monies. The process takes less than 10 minutes over the phone. If you meet the criteria of library, school, or non-profit, then you will be added as a presenter. General guidelines and policies can be found here.

2. Now, let's use your new presenter status! When you get off the telephone, select an MCP program you would like at your facility. Any of the programs offered at this site qualify for consideration for a TCA grant. :
Send MCP a program request form (library or school) and in the Additional questions or comments box, note that you are applying for a TCA grant for this program. After checking her calendar, Margaret will send you a signed performance agreement for the date or dates. You will need to attach this performance agreement to your grant application to the TCA. In filling out your TCA grant application, please list Margaret as a storyteller/puppeteer, as that is her TCA Artist designation.

3. 4 - 5 weeks after the grant application deadline (see table below), you will find out whether you received a grant, and for how much.

Important! Here are the dates you need to remember:

For programs scheduled between these dates:   The application must be received by this date:
Dec. 15 - March 14
Nov. 1
March 15 - June 14
Feb. 1
June 15 - August 31
May 1
Sept. 1 - Dec. 14   Aug. 1

According to the TCA, grant decisions are made 4 - 5 weeks after the submission deadline. TCA typically provides 25 - 50% of a performer's fee with a grant. You should check Margaret's calendar, find open dates, and if you are not a Presenter accepted by the TCA, call Anina Moore (512) 936-6573 to get that started and submit your grant proposal as soon as possible! This works to increase your chances for a grant for the shows on the dates you want!